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Completed dish. Made this less meaty and more vegetable-y this time around. My spaghetti is getting there. Not my mamas but nothing will ever be as good ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น. #paleo #keto #primal #italian #cooking #gainsnotgrains (at Hells Kitchen)

This is how the carne asada turned out. So adding the salt before you put the meat to the fire made it really good. Just like any good steak for that matter. Always tastes better with a bit of kosher salt on top. Gives it that nice crust. #paleo #keto #primal #ididnteatitraw #butiwantedto #okiatealittleofit #whatilikeit #fuckyou (at Hells Kitchen)

PORK ASS IS DONE. Very mild not too salty so it’s perfect. Kalua pork is probably the easiest way to take a cheaper cut and turn it into magic. Mouth magic. #paleo #keto #primal #hashtags #TYBG #foodfordays (at Hells Kitchen)

DAT PORK ASS. Well butt which is actually the shoulder? Kalua Pork slow roasted in the oven. Give it like 8-10 hours. #paleo #keto #primal #hawaiian #carnist (at Hells Kitchen)

Changed up my usual ground beef and broccoli. Added heaps of spinach before I tossed in a pack of that rad on sale grassfed ground beef. Also made some fresh guacamole using my hand blender. Makes it so smooth. Using less beef means less leftovers and less boredom in eating. Tomorrow I’m gonna make kalua pork. Stay tuned. #paleo #keto #primal #bowlOfood (at Hells Kitchen)

Winner winner chicken dinner. Made this in the broiler last night. #paleo #keto (at Hells Kitchen)

You eat #paleo #keto #primal you should get tight with your local butcher or meat guy at the grocery/market. Be cool with the dude anyways regardless of eating style unless you’re #vegan slash his tires or whatever lol. There’s deals to be had and made just about anywhere. Just gotta ask ๐Ÿ˜˜ #balleronabudget

We got mad deep dish frittatas over here son. Eggs, broccoli, onion, and spices. Oh I almost forgot the bottom layer is #bacon lol. My meals have been pretty boring lately so this is a nice change. #paleo #keto #nomnom (at Hells Kitchen)

This is how it looks finished. Sup #breakfast oh yeah I made a big ass London broil this morning lol. That’s the end piece so there’s only a little pink but it’s still pretty fucking awesome. I cooked the onions with it so I got those rad French dip onions cooked on all that rad beef juice. Today is starting off good. I might not even need to use my AK. #paleo #spanish #beef (at Hells Kitchen)

Tostones. The greener the Plaintain the better. Try and make these when they’re getting yellow and you won’t get that crispy chip feel that you want. These need to hold some meat or whatever like a sandwich. I’m still perfecting these. #paleo (at Hells Kitchen)