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I didn’t send this one to client because it’s probably too #grotesque for their needs. Someday I’ll be able to do weird shit and get paid for it. Not today lol. #art #design #graphicdesign #logo

I still love this even if the client went in another but in my opinion, horrible direction. Client name has been changed obviously but you get the idea. If want this #logo for something it’s yours on the cheap lol. #design #graphics #graphicdesign (at ▲▲51)

Mocked up some #businesscards for the project as well. This will produce a neat effect when you give these out. Especially with more than one. If given the opportunity I do this on all the bcards I make. #design #graphicdesign (at ▲▲51)

My dude @wanderlustflaneur ie #chetheartjunky #kingofhashtags is opening a gallery show in #NYC #Brooklyn soon. This is the #logo I’ve been working on for him. I get down on myself because this shit is a fucking grind. Freelance is a hustle. Last night when I picked up this project again after not touching it for a few weeks I’d come to realize you gotta shed blood for your art for your hustle. That’s where that my head was at working on this during the night. I’m starting to feel better again and I’m happy for that. #design #graphicdesign #art (at ▲▲51)

And it’s done. Not seen is that cord mess below that needs some fixing but I’m back up and I can work properly again. #ssstudio #design #desk (at ▲▲51)

This was my bedroom as a kid. Then this was @_neojinx_ and his wife’s room for 2 years. I remember when we painted this. I had just started #crossfit essentials with @cali0519 and I had to help paint. I could barely lift my arms I was in so much pain. With moving my work in here I guess it’s another one of those life signs. #alwaysbeclosing #design (at ▲▲51)

At night it’s amazing out here. The daytime looks pretty Fallout3. I’d love to buy a place and make my own #design paradise out here. Seems like you have the space and the cheapness of land to do so. Anyways it was pretty nice to get a bit of summer as go into “fall” here in the oh see. This weekend has been one for the books. #DHS #boutdatlife #neverstop #blessed #getonmylevel #hashtagsregiwouldlove 😌🍺🍻🍸🍹🍷🎉🚙 (at Desert Hot Springs)

YUNG AUGUSTUS. #FBF #flashbackfriday Even back then I had a penchant for the finest in #furniture #design and fine Italian leather sandals. Check that matching jogging suit. I was a 3 year old retired kid haha.

#FBF back when I sucked I #sketching This was the first thing I sketched in my first Rapid Viz class at Golden West College back in the day. It’s pretty shit when I see it now but the idea was amazing. Just having a center column for drinks so you only needed to pull that out and save energy. I think they have this? I don’t know but I thought it was a good idea haha. #productdesign #design