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You thought I forgot about #mealpREP ?! I’m not fucking about when it comes to this. Confession time, I had some cheats at my dudes wedding this weekend but I knew in advance and mealprepping helped to some offset that. 😎Protein: curry chicken thighs and some hamburgers for filler on the smaller thighs. Carb: roasted broccoli. I put some of the curry leavings on the broccoli because fuck you that’s why. Fats: coconut oil and the natural fat off the chicken and beef. Welcome to the 5th week of meals. #paleo #keto #primal #summerswole2015 #mankiniprep #prepforsuccess #eiffelpower #cooking #chef #based (at Hells Kitchen)

Thank you Mise en Place for allowing me to cook a dish at the last moment and also get the marinade for tomorrow’s #mealprep done as well. Shouts out to @groundislava for the cooking choons. #frozenthrone #based #cooking #bacon #paleo #keto (at Hells Kitchen)

Meatballs and “Spaghetti” in gravy. Of course those are zucchini noodles. I used the leavings from the meatballs and heavy cream/heaps of butter for the gravy. It’s the French in me I guess lol. I’m sure I could have made a #paleo sauce but fuck it. #primal #keto #finedining #dinner #cooking #based #friday #getonmylevel (at Hells Kitchen)

lol Paul Hastings. Law just wasn’t for me man. Sold my soul to #advertising #design fuck it. Create and tear it down and create again. Manhattan project bitches. #based (at Rooftop Bar at The Standard, Downtown LA)

Motherfuckin #paleo pizza for ya fookin face. I used a cauliflower and some eggs as the base. Almond meal/flour is going to help get this into a dough like shape. You gotta cook the base for like 35 minutes or longer depending on how thick you made it. While that’s going on you cook your meats and whatever veggies that wanna help along. I cooked my onions and peppers a bit. Once the base is cooked load that motherfucker with whatever you want. I put tomato sause, ground beef (mince for my commonwealth homies), onion/green pepper, and raw mushroom on top. Put this bitch back in the oven for like 5 or 10 or whatever. If your rocking a #keto deal add some fucking cheese to this thing and FORGETABOUTIT. I took these photos using my iPad mini so you know get fucked for complainin. #italian #cooking #based #friday #paleoonabudget (at Hells Kitchen)

THANK YOU #BASED GOD FOR THIS MEAL. #keto #paleo -ish lol. This will be super easy to adapt during the Paleo Challenge next month. Stuff this with some grilled veg and we’re good. (at Hells Kitchen)