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I didn’t send this one to client because it’s probably too #grotesque for their needs. Someday I’ll be able to do weird shit and get paid for it. Not today lol. #art #design #graphicdesign #logo

My dude @wanderlustflaneur ie #chetheartjunky #kingofhashtags is opening a gallery show in #NYC #Brooklyn soon. This is the #logo I’ve been working on for him. I get down on myself because this shit is a fucking grind. Freelance is a hustle. Last night when I picked up this project again after not touching it for a few weeks I’d come to realize you gotta shed blood for your art for your hustle. That’s where that my head was at working on this during the night. I’m starting to feel better again and I’m happy for that. #design #graphicdesign #art (at ▲▲51)

Coming soon. 8 story loft space with Trader Joes on the bottom floor and a core power yoga studio. #art #gentrification (at Megatoys)

Image: Alex Augustus, Catching Flac , 2013, Digital, 96ppi/, ©Alex Augustus, courtesy of the LACMA #art

Mayan influenced fountain? It was pretty interesting. #art #design (at First & Hope Downtown Supper Club)

Walter de Maria. 2000 Thousand. Mind blown when you see the numerical pattern. #art (at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA))

Jack Goldstein (untitled) but you know what I’m gonna give it a title. Trapper Keeper. #art (at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA))