Paleo Eats: 6/10/13


Can I tell you how happy I am to be home? Getting back from Texas in time to tuck the boys into bed made my heart sing, though it’s a bittersweet tune. Every time I give my kids a fierce bear hug, I know I’m on borrowed time; one of these days, they’ll refuse ’cause it’s no longer cool to hug their mom.


Ai ya! Enough kvetching already. Let’s cut to the chase and take a peek at my meals for the day. I didn’t make anything fancy—just a few dishes I threw together with the odds and ends I scavenged from the fridge. 

Although the school year is officially over, the Double-Os still wake up at 7 a.m. on the dot every morning. We even took the clock out of their room, hoping they’d sleep in a little longer—but to no avail. They’re like machines.

For breakfast, I sautéed sliced mushrooms…


…and tucked them into omelets, one for each member of the family.


At five to nine, Henry hustled the boys off to day camp, and I headed over to CrossFit Palo Alto to get my sweat on with the women’s class. After a challenging workout alternating rowing, running, and deadlifting, I came home and scarfed down a half a small sweet potato and a few slices of prosciutto.

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It’ll never be uncool to hug your mom :)

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