So @_neojinx_ and I were watching @misskittinofficial and the hacker 1982 video on a hacked satellite dish. I wanna say this was 99/00. I saw the #SH101 The Hacker was playing and 4 years later I bought one on eBay. Almost 10 years to the day I sold it for x3 times what I paid for it. Mixed feelings parting with it because I haven’t played in years but I remember why I bought it was to make sweet sweet #electro jams. Which I did. I hope the dude that bought this enjoys it as much as I did. Now I’m sad. Fuck lol (at FAC51)


F R O M  B O R Y  C H U N G  -  L O S  A N G E L E S ,  C A.

lol Lee Clow in the house. Co-creator of the 1984 Apple commercial. Dudes a fucking legend. Bory Chung designed the Gatorade logo revision. Super impressive.